Five Healthy Uses For Coconut Products

Coconut is highly beneficial for our health. Coconut water has amazing health benefits, coconut oil is used for cooking, in the preparation of hair and face packs and also as coconut water can be used as a beverage too. This is a healthy, low-calorie beverage, which is rich in several nutrients like amino acids, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

1) Keeps The Body Rehydrated:
Coconut water helps in quenching thirst and helps to keep the body hydrated. It is a rich source of carbohydrate and other minerals which helps in lifting energy levels of the body.

hair-conditioning-treatment2) Makes An Awesome Hair Pack:
This is a great one for the man in your life who refuses to give normal hair treatments a go. Coconut oil is a great hair nourishing agent. It helps to soften hair strands, makes hair more manageable and helps to reduce hair-fall. It also assures hair-growth. To need to warm some coconut oil, add one egg and whisk it well. Apply this pack on your hair and massage gently. Leave the pack for ten minutes. You can later rinse your hair with normal water. Your hair stays healthy and nourished.

skin-moisturiser3) Nourishes Your Skin With A Body Pack:
Coconut is rich in natural oils, vitamin C and other skin nourishing ingredients. To prepare a body softening pack, you need one teaspoon shredded coconut, one teaspoon coconut oil, one teaspoon fuller’s earth and milk. Mix all ingredients well till you have a thick paste. Apply the mixture on your body and massage lightly. Let it remain for an hour and then wipe the pack with a damp cloth. Your skin shall feel soft and nourished .

4) Helps To Lower Blood Pressure:
Coconut water is a healthy ingredient and helps in controlling high blood pressure. It is rich in potassium which helps to lower blood pressure level in the body. It also helps in balancing the negativity of sodium.

5) Good For Your Heart Health:
Coconut water is fat free and is said to offer many cardio protective benefits. This helps in lowering low density lipoprotein, or the bad cholesterol from the body. It helps in increasing good cholesterol which means there is reduced chance of heart disease. Drinking a glass of coconut water thrice a week is known to have several heart benefits.

Right, we’re off to hunt down a drinking coconut! As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via our contact form.