5 Easy Stretches To Improve Flexibility

Stretching is a crucial part of building power and flexibility. It also aides in recovery of sporting injuries. Correct stretching before and after exercise helps to reduce the risk of injury whilst also increasing flexibility.

We spend so many hours a day sitting in front of a computer screen, or watching TV on the couch, that it’s important to take time out to realign your body by performing stretches. Stretching exercises help in improving blood circulation which in turns helps in improving strength and muscle agility.

Try these 5 easy stretches out once a day for a week and you’ll begin to feel more flexible as each day rolls around. Increase the stretches to 2 to 3 times per day once you get into a habit. For more stretches and professional exercise programs, visit the sports doctors at the #1 Geelong Medical Centre. They offer supervised exercise programs in their onsite gym to help reduce chronic pain as well as knee and back injuries.

Stretches don’t need to be hard work…


Swan Stretch:
Start by lying down on the floor. Your hands will be in front of shoulders. Keep your legs close together and fingers facing forward. You will put pressure on your hands and slowly move up your belly from the floor. You need to keep the abs engaged, as your pelvis is on the ground and shoulders grounded. You will lengthen the upper body and move away from the mat. You will move the shoulder blades in together as you open the chest. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. You need to repeat 5 times.

Sports-medicineSeated Trunk Twist:
Sit on the floor with your legs in a crossed position. Place your left leg over your right and plant your foot firmly on the ground. Twist your body towards your left leg and place your elbow on the outside of your left knee and gently use this pressure to twist your body to the left. You should feel stretching in your lower back and spine. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds and repeat on the other side. Make sure your abs are engaged throughout this exercise and if you experience any paint do not continue.

Reclining Pigeon:
Start by lying down in a face-up position. Keep your feet completely flat on the floor. Knees will be bent. You will cross your right foot over the left thigh. You will hook your arms around the left hamstring. Move up your left foot from the ground. Your shoulders and back shall be on the floor. You will move the right leg close to you, till you feel a nice stretch. Stay in this position for at least 45 seconds. You can lower and get back to start. Now, slowly switch your legs and repeat.

Increase-flexibilityFoldover Stretch:
Stand straight and tall as you keep your feet hip a little distance apart. Your knees shall be slightly bent and your arms will be by your side. You need to slowly exhale as you bend from the hips. You will lower the head and move towards the floor.  Your neck and shoulders should be relaxed. You will comfortably wrap around the back of your legs. You need to hold on for 45 seconds or till a minute if you can. You need to then bend your knees and roll up. This exercise will stretch your calves, neck, glutes, back and hamstring.

Triceps Stretch:
Stand comfortably as you keep your feet a little distance apart. Your arms will be overhead and extended. You need to bend the right elbow. Your right palm shall be on the upper back. You need to reach the left hand to hold just below the right elbow. You need to pull your elbow back and move it close to your head. Stay in this position for at least 45 seconds. You can switch the arms and repeat.